Raw Gorilla - كيتو جرانولا مايتي موسلي

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Activated Sunflower Seeds (55%), Brown activated Flax Seeds (12%), Raw Coconut Chips (12%), Cashew Nuts (8%), Activated Pumpkin Seeds (8%), Cacao Nibs (4%), Chia Seeds (1%), *Organic, All our Nuts & Seeds are Activated 


Typical values Per 100g 

Energy (Kcal) 624.43kcal 

Fat 54.11g 

of which saturates 5.85g 

Carbohydrates 8.12g 

of which sugars 3g 

Fibre 9.62g 

Protein 20.14g

Salt 0.07g 


 Keywords : keto granola , mighty museli 

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