Rude health - جرانولا عضوية

Rude health - جرانولا عضوية

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500 جرام 



Oats, spelt (wheat) flakes, sunflower oil, honey (9%), barley flakes, date syrup, roasted almonds (4%), sunflower seeds (4%), puffed amaranth (2%), roasted hazelnuts (2%)


NUTRITION Per serving* per 100g
Energy 818 kJ
196 kcal
2046 kJ
489 kcal
Fat 9.2g 23.0g
of which saturates 1.0g 2.6g
Carbohydrates 22.4g 56.0g
of which sugars 4.8g 12.0g
Fibre 2.8g 7.0g
Protein 4.4g 11.0g
Salt 0.01g 0.03g
*40g per serving